Physical Training for Parkour

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Physical Training for Parkour is the 80/20 of everything a good athlete or coach should know about parkour strength & conditioning. We cover the main parkour strength movements that will accelerate your development as an athlete as well as prep your body to mitigate injuries. This is designed to be the encyclopedia of parkour strength training movements, as well as give you the insight needed to design your own workouts & programs.

Your head coach: Ryan Ford

  • Founded Apex School of Movement & ParkourEDU
  • Wrote the book Parkour Strength Training
  • Practicing parkour since 2004, coaching since 2006
  • Pro parkour athlete from 2005-2013
  • Featured by the New Yorker, Time Magazine, TEDx, & ESPN’s E:60
  • Performed parkour for the U.S. Embassy, K-Swiss, BET, Steve Madden, Cisco, & more

What’s included in Physical Training for Parkour?

  • Access to a world-renowned parkour strength training curriculum developed by Ryan Ford & taught at Apex schools since 2006
  • New & improved mixed-media format with 101 lessons, 400+ animated GIFs, 700+ demo videos
  • 13 quizzes to assess your understanding of key concepts
  • 8+ hrs of coaching analysis to teach you safe & effective training methods
  • Lifetime updates to the ever-evolving Physical Training for Parkour & knowledge base
  • Direct access to Ryan, Taylor, & other Apex coaches via email + course comments
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (full refund policy)

Learn to:

  • Become a better athlete with the iconic movements of Parkour Strength Training
  • Prevent/mitigate injuries by properly preparing your body for parkour
  • Increase performance of parkour movements
  • Accelerate your athletic development with 3 fundamental bodyweight movements
  • Promote the flexibility and mobility necessary for safe obstacle-based fitness
  • Train safely outdoors
  • Remedy the common faults and errors that plague parkour newcomers
  • Incorporate ground-based exercises, such as quadrupedal movement, bounding, and jumping into your workouts
  • Use low obstacles such as benches, handrails, and walls for full-body strength training
  • Mount, traverse, and overcome head-high walls and bar structures
  • Master proper climb-up technique using many supplemental exercises
  • Connect the body & mind with the skill of rail balancing
  • Master the mechanics of jumping
  • Design an effective strength training program
  • Combine skill-based drills and games to become a more well-rounded practitioner
  • Dominate obstacle courses & speed parkour competitions/courses?

Who’s it for?

  • People who are sick of boring, ineffective workouts with little real-world application
  • Parkour novices of all ages & ability levels
  • Intermediate & advanced parkour practitioners who want to become better parkour coaches & athletes
  • Fitness enthusiasts & professionals who want to incorporate basic parkour skills into workouts
  • Athletes from other sports who want to cross-train in parkour in order to become more well-rounded
  • Anyone who wants to move & feel better in everyday life

What do I need?

  • The drive to improve your fitness while learning awesome, new skills
  • A mobile device or computer with Internet access
  • A park, gym, campus, etc. with common obstacles like grassy fields, low walls, benches, rails, & high bars
  • A body without any major injuries, dysfunctions, or other medical problems. Please check with your doctor before beginning this course!