Get a comprehensive, beginner-level parkour strength and skill training system led by Apex founder Ryan Ford, honed by 150+ Apex certified coaches, & ever-evolving inside of Apex schools IRL since 2006.

In Parkour 100 Series, you’ll learn the same movements, methods, and programming that we’ve used to teach basic parkour strength, skills, and mindsets to tens of thousands of students online and IRL.

Based on the Apex parkour coaching certification & curriculum accredited by:

Produced by Apex coaches & athletes, as seen on:

What is Parkour 100 Series?

Designed to progress from class to class, Parkour 100 Series teaches the fundamentals of parkour, as well as the basics of bodyweight strength & conditioning. You’ll learn basic parkour skills like landing, rolling, balancing, jumping, vaulting, wall running, brachiating, climbing, & spinning. Additionally, you’ll apply your new skills to complete complex combos, parkour puzzles, mental challenges, obstacle courses, & much more.

Parkour 100 Series includes an 8-week program developed by Ryan Ford and Apex coaches exclusively for adult parkour beginners at Apex. We teach you how to get the most from your parkour strength & skill training, including the WHY and HOW of every key movement in warm-ups, drills, games, workouts, and cool-downs. For every movement in the course, we also include useful prereqs, progressions, common problems & solutions, examples or applications, and additional resources to keep expanding your understanding of parkour.


PK100S is not just jumps, vaults, and climbs—it’s also about moving better in everyday life. Parkour helps you build physical strength through full ranges of motion. Through our challenging workouts and skill training sessions, you’ll get stronger in ways you never imagined! As you level up in parkour, you’ll enjoy a more supple, capable body to use in play, sport, art, and life.


As you work through PK100S, you’ll gain invaluable skills for better, safer falls. While injuries in life and training are inevitable, we can significantly reduce the frequency and severity. In this program, we prioritize teaching you how to move safely and sustainably, emphasizing the key movements and mindsets that will mitigate your risk of falling or getting hurt.


Do you ever feel like life lacks meaning? Many people find themselves stuck in a monotonous routine, just going through the motions, waiting for something more. Wake up, school or work, go home, doom scroll, go to sleep, repeat. It can feel like an endless cycle.

In a world that sometimes seems devoid of purpose, parkour is a spark to reignite your sense of meaning. While others move through their environment with aimless steps, parkour sets you free. Walls become opportunities, handrails become canvases, and challenges become your playground. With parkour, you can infuse your surroundings with meaning, turning the mundane into the extraordinary. It’s not about borders or restrictions, it’s about making life richer, one jump at a time.


Embrace challenge and conquer obstacles, not just with your body but also with your mind. While traditional sports and fitness focus on physical prowess, we often neglect the incredible potential of our minds. Parkour offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself. It’s a journey of self-discovery where you conquer your fears and unlock your full physical potential.

Parkour also offers cognitive benefits that can’t be ignored. It challenges your mind, sharpens your problem-solving skills, and instills a sense of resilience that extends beyond the obstacles you’ll face in training. With parkour, you’re not just improving your physical abilities, you’re also nurturing your mental strength.


Rediscover the world around you, step outside, and forge a deeper connection with your environment. When was the last time you ventured into your city or town with a true sense of exploration? Parkour isn’t just physical, it’s an invitation to see your city through fresh eyes. As your skillset grows, what once seemed like an overwhelming or dangerous cityscape is now a comfortable training ground for you to explore.


Parkour is a catalyst for creativity, transforming ordinary obstacles into opportunities for artistic expression. Parkour encourages you to think beyond traditional boundaries, inviting you to explore your environment in new, inventive ways. As you progress in your parkour journey, you’ll discover that it’s not just about physical prowess; it’s a canvas for self-expression. Parkour unlocks your creative spirit, encouraging you to turn everyday objects into art.


Parkour isn’t just about physical movement, it’s a powerful lesson in agency and problem-solving. Through parkour, you learn that with dedication, systematic breakdowns, and progressions, you can achieve what once seemed impossible. It’s a testament to high agency individuals who find a way, even when faced with daunting challenges.

Take, for example, a roof gap. Initially, it appears impossible. But with the right mindset, you will find incremental progressions. Start on the ground, advance step by step, engage in strength training, and over many weeks, months, or years, the roof gap becomes a reality.


As kids, we all ran, jumped, and climbed for fun. Parkour offers an open-ended learning environment that rekindles a childlike spirit. It’s more than just training, it’s a chance to have fun, be spontaneous, and rediscover the simple joy of interacting with your surroundings. Through parkour, you’ll regain a more youthful perspective as you earn valuable insights through progressions, drills, and games. Whether you’re sharing the experience with friends or passing it on to the next generation, parkour helps you remember how to play.


Cultivate self-empowerment through parkour. Parkour 100 Series is more than physical training, it’s a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Parkour empowers you to push your limits, face challenges, and unlock your potential. It’s a path to greater self-confidence, resilience, and a newfound belief in your capabilities.

As you progress, you’ll discover that being more capable transcends physical prowess. It’s about feeling assured and self-reliant, whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or facing adversity in life. Parkour builds mental and physical resilience, allowing you to tackle obstacles with poise and determination.

Parkour 100 Series is a good fit for you if…

→ You’re sick of traditional workouts and want to enjoy moving.

→ You want to empower yourself by learning practical movements like jumping and climbing.

→ You want to explore, get outside, and reconnect with your environment.

→ You love to play and have fun with friends and family. PK100S will give you a better understanding of progressions and games to share with others.

→ You want to become a better, more well-rounded athlete.

→ You’re a fitness professional in search of unique, enjoyable movements for your clients

What's in Parkour 100 Series?

→ A world-renowned parkour training curriculum developed by Ryan Ford & Apex schools since 2006
→ 112 lessons w/ a new & improved mixed-media format including text notes, photos, 300+ animated GIFs, & 500+ demo videos
→ 2+ hours of bonus coach commentary & analysis
→ Quizzes to assess your understanding of key training concepts
→ Lifetime updates to our ever-evolving content & curriculum
→ Direct access to Ryan & other Apex coaches
→ 30-day money back guarantee

Course syllabus

 Course intro
→ Class 1: quadrupedal movement, land, squat
→ Class 2: rolling, flat ground combos, earth routes, push-up
→ Class 3: ground/air awareness, up/down low walls, dip
→ Class 4: balance, jump, lava course, pull/chin-up
→ Class 5: vaults + related falls, split squat
→ Class 6: tic tac, wall run, underbar, knees-to-elbows
→ Class 7: pop vault, cat leap, climb-up
→ Class 8: styles, drills, games

What do I need?

Parkour is minimalist, permissionless, and therefore—accessible to everyone in the world! No special equipment, fields, refs, leagues, etc. is needed. Anyone can do parkour anywhere, anytime.

With that said, you’ll be most successful in your Parkour 100 Series training if you have:

→ The drive to improve your fitness while learning epic, new skills.
→ A mobile device or computer with Internet access.
→ A park with common features such as grassy fields, benches, stairs, handicap ramps, knee-high and hip-high walls, rails, & high bars.
→ A body without any major injuries, dysfunctions, or other medical problems. Please check in with your doctor before you start parkour.

What our students say:

Meet the team:

Ryan Ford


→ Founder of Apex School of Movement & Apex Denver
→ Author of Parkour Strength Training book (2016)
→ Practicing parkour since 2004, coaching since 2006
→ Pro parkour athlete from 2005-2013
→ Featured by ESPN, New Yorker, Time, TEDx, & more
→ Performed parkour for K-Swiss, US Embassy, Cisco, Steve Madden

Taylor Carpenter


→ Certified Apex parkour coach
→ Practicing parkour since 2018
→ 12 years of coaching movement
→ Pro parkour & World Chase Tag athlete
→ Pan-American champion of World Chase Tag
→ Featured by League of Legends, Nike, Savage x Fenty, & more
→ 2x podium @ SPL Parkour World Championships, 1x podium @ Red Bull Al-Andalus

Massive shout out to all of our long time students, athletes, coaches, and community members who helped us build this course to share with you! All of these guys have been training at Apex for many years and are amazing athletes and humans. In addition to winning countless speed parkour competitions, our teams Apex Moon & Apex Sun, are also the USA, PanAm, & World Champions of World Chase Tag!


Our most frequently asked questions & answers for Parkour 100 Series:

No, you can choose to enroll at any time you like, and complete the course according to whatever timeline suits you. There is no time limit for completion, and you can study at your own pace.

All the content is delivered online so you can study anywhere in the world. Through this format we have created a multi-faceted approach to learning which includes text, GIF, video, image, quizzes, and more.

Yes, we welcome learners from anywhere in the world.

Yes, there’s no time limit to your access. Once you have completed the course you will always have everything for reference and revision purposes.

We don’t currently offer specific links or ways to mass download our course content but there are plenty of clever ways for you to copy/download/save digital content for later or offline usage (e.g. screenshots, save as, etc).

Continue to expand your education with us and through many other sources too! Keep working to apply the insights and experiences from our knowledge-base into your own training and coaching practice. You can also consider signing up for another Apex course, individualized remote training, or an IRL athlete/coach seminar. 

Each class in PK100S contains a mixed media format containing carefully selected text, images, videos, etc. We teach you how to get the most from your parkour strength & skill training, including the WHY and HOW of every key movement in warm-ups, drills, games, workouts, and cool-downs.

For every movement in the course, we also include useful prereqs, progressions, common problems & solutions, examples or applications, and additional resources to keep expanding your understanding of parkour.


What if you could take this course for free? You might be able to! Many companies offer a learning & development budget (aka an education or training budget) that may partially or fully cover the cost of programs like the Parkour 100 Series.

To further increase your odds of free tuition, we compiled a few simple strategies and templates to help you get your employer to invest in you.

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