Coaching Parkour on the Railyard

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Improve your youth sports programs with Railyard & Apex

Are you ready to upgrade your youth athletics programming? Introducing the ultimate parkour training package for gym owners, managers, P.E. teachers, coaches, rec centers, and schools who want to start a youth parkour program in their facility.

Look no further than the Apex/Railyard parkour training bundle—a Railyard Fitness portable obstacle course that can entertain up to 20 small to mid-sized humans at a time, as well as our athlete/coach education that will sharpen your own basic movement/parkour skills, as well as the ability to safely teach kids and teens to do it too.

With our digital training program, “Coaching Parkour with Railyard,” you’ll gain access to our best training methods for beginners, plus a 5-lesson beginner parkour curriculum that we teach you to implement on the Railyard at your own facility. Through parkour training on the Railyard, the youth at your facility will build better movement skills, strength, speed, confidence, creativity, and more while having a blast exploring so many new possibilities.

The portable obstacle course by Railyard Fitness:

  • A safe, durable obstacle course for kids and teens
  • Great for up to 20 people per class
  • Accessible for all ages, heights, and skill levels
  • Found in 1500 schools, health clubs, rec centers, & sports conditioning facilities around the world for 16 years

“Teaching Parkour with Railyard” (an online course + beginner-level lesson plans & curriculum) by Apex School of Movement:

  • Comprehensive 5-class curriculum for beginners
  • Designed by high-performance athletes & coaches in speed parkour + tag
  • Learn how to train, coach, and start a youth parkour program with a Railyard
  • Lifetime access to the full program which is a living document that we regularly update and improve

As a business owner/manager, this will help you:

  • Implement a proven parkour curriculum to help make sure your parkour classes are safe, effective, & fun
  • Increase youth member engagement and retention in athletics
  • Attract new family memberships
  • Add revenue to your bottom line

As an athlete/coach, you’ll learn to:

  • Mitigate injuries by properly preparing your body for parkour
  • Build mobility for safe, sustainable training
  • Increase ground awareness through useful quadrupedal movement patterns
  • Prevent injuries by learning to safely land, roll, & fall in the real world
  • Connect the body & mind with the skill of rail balancing
  • Master the mechanics of jumping
  • Vault low obstacles such as benches, walls, & rails
  • Build adaptability through complex movement sequences & improvisational drills
  • Explore your environment & train safely indoors or outdoors
  • Prep/prehab your lower body using the skill of rail balancing
  • Fine-tune your jump/land mechanics with proper prereqs & plyometrics
  • Cross-train with parkour basics relevant to key movement patterns in your sport of choice
  • Dominate obstacle courses