Parkour Strength Online

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Parkour Strength Online is the 80/20 of what you should know about parkour strength & conditioning, in a new & improved digital format. Building upon our 15+ years of research & development across multiple parkour schools IRL & remote, this course will help you accelerate athletic development, mitigate injuries, & expand coaching skills.

Your head coach: Ryan Ford

  • Founder of Apex School of Movement HQ, Apex Denver, & Apex Boulder
  • Author of the Parkour Strength Training book
  • Practicing parkour since 2004 (professionally from 2005-2013)
  • Coaching parkour & strength training since 2006, coaching athletics since 2004 (soccer, football, basketball, baseball, tennis)
  • Featured by the New Yorker, TEDx, ESPN E:60, & more
  • Performed parkour for the U.S. Embassy, K-Swiss, BET, Steve Madden, Cisco, & more

What’s included in Parkour Strength Online?

  • Access to a renowned parkour strength training curriculum developed by Ryan & Apex schools since 2006
  • 101 lessons with a new & improved mixed-media format including text notes, 400+ animated GIFs, & 700+ demo videos
  • 8+ hrs of coaching review & analysis of each lesson
  • 13 quizzes to test your understanding of key principles
  • Lifetime updates to the evolving Parkour Strength Online knowledge base
  • Direct access to Ryan & other Apex coaches via course comments, email, etc.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (full refund policy)

Learn to:

  • Become a better athlete with the 80/20 of key parkour strength concepts & movements
  • Mitigate injuries by properly preparing your body for parkour
  • Build mobility for safe, sustainable training
  • Explore your environment & train safely indoors or outdoors
  • Remedy the common setbacks that plague parkour newcomers
  • Use common obstacles for strength training (benches, handrails, walls, high bars, stairs, etc)
  • Prep/prehab your lower body using the skill of rail balancing
  • Fine-tune your jump/land mechanics with proper prereqs & plyometrics
  • Improve your climb-up through a variety of drills, skills, & strength work
  • Develop a healthier spine through quality bridge training
  • Hone your hand balancing skills on flat ground & with obstacles
  • Design & execute an effective parkour strength & conditioning program, for yourself or others
  • Cross-train with parkour basics relevant to your run/jump/land/climb sport of choice
  • Excel in speed/skill/style themed parkour competitions

Who’s it for?

  • Parkour athletes, artists, & educators of all ages, abilities, etc.
  • Fitness enthusiasts & professionals who want to incorporate basic parkour skills into workouts & programs
  • People who are sick of boring, ineffective workouts with little real-world application
  • Athletes from other sports who want to become more well-rounded through cross-training parkour
  • Anyone who wants to move & feel better in everyday life

What do I need?

  • The drive to improve your athleticism while learning engaging skills
  • Any device with Internet access (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc)
  • A park, gym, campus, etc. with common features like grassy fields, stairs, low walls, benches, handrails, & high bars
  • A body without major injuries or other medical problems. Please check with your doctor before beginning this course!