Must-Read Books for Parkour Athletes & Coaches

If you want to improve at parkour, it’s not always about training harder. For a lot of people, a missing element is training smarter. Fortunately, top coaches and journalists from around the world have discovered and published many secrets to building strength, gaining mobility, mastering your mind, and obtaining new skills. You don’t always have … Read more

Parkour strength training for beginners

If parkour reinvents the world into a canvas for artistic & athletic expression, parkour strength training¬†also reimagines walls, rails, trees, & more into useful training tools. Common obstacles at parks, schools, and plazas empower you to reclaim and upgrade your physical performance, anytime & anywhere. Fine-tuning your basic strength movements like squat/pull/push, as well as … Read more

Top 10 bodyweight exercises for intermediate parkour athletes

In parkour, athletes¬†learn to turn the world into a playground. But they should also learn to use common objects like trees, rails, benches, and walls as exercise equipment. Even though I recommend some basic weightlifting for intermediate and advanced athletes, you can still get a great workout by doing only bodyweight exercises. In this article, … Read more