Build your climb-up from the ground up

If your climb-up has room for improvement, work your way through these progressions, paying close attention to building ambidextrous footwork, smooth rhythm, & precise, tall landings. Feeling stuck? In between each progression are many sub-progressions. For example, make kong-ups harder by gradually increasing the wall height. Or make walking & running climb-ups harder by taking … Read more

Intro to climb-up strength & skill training

When was the last time you stumbled across a set of rings or monkey bars outside the gym? Maybe at a park or playground? What about the rest of your city? Compared to walls, fences, and gates, rings and bars are rare finds in the concrete jungle. Perhaps we should focus more on muscle-up variations … Read more

Parkour strength training for beginners

If parkour reinvents the world into a canvas for artistic & athletic expression, parkour strength training¬†also reimagines walls, rails, trees, & more into useful training tools. Common obstacles at parks, schools, and plazas empower you to reclaim and upgrade your physical performance, anytime & anywhere. Fine-tuning your basic strength movements like squat/pull/push, as well as … Read more