Top 5 Weightlifting Exercises for Parkour

Once a parkour athlete has mastered basic bodyweight exercises such as squats, pull ups, and push ups, it is time to start considering the addition of weightlifting to your workouts. In many ways, weightlifting is the antithesis of parkour. Weightlifting requires special equipment, lacks creativity, and is mostly limited to specialized gyms. However, there is … Read more

Crawl Like a Baby: 5 Reasons to Add Quadrupedal Movement to Your Workout

A couple weeks ago, I traveled to Kalamazoo, MI to teach Craig, a former student of mine, and some of his kids. While training the crew at a local gym, I got to witness Craig’s baby learning how to crawl. As a parkour athlete and coach, I was fascinated by watching a baby learn to propel itself quadrupedally across the floor. Luckily, Craig’s wife had a camera on hand to capture this movement skill milestone.

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