Too old, too fat, too weak for parkour? Start with these 5 basic movements

“When did you start parkour?”

“When did you stop?”


Everyone did at least a bit of parkour as a kid. At one point in your life, you climbed a tree, a rock, a rooftop. You jumped and tumbled off furniture because it was fun. Remember “floor-is-lava?” You still play? I still play floor-is-lava almost every day. If you like(d) that game, you might enjoy parkour too.

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I Hate (Love) Parkour Because I Suck At It

FOREWORD: I recently completed a 30 day movement challenge in which I worked on something I was terrible at every day for a month. I also posted a daily video of my practice so that I could track my progress and hold myself accountable. The weakness that I addressed was twisting but I want to challenge you to do the same thing for your own weakness. If you decide to take part, let me know how it goes for you! Please check out the video compilation of my month as well as the blog post below. Good luck!

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Crawl Like a Baby: 5 Reasons to Add Quadrupedal Movement to Your Workout

A couple weeks ago, I traveled to Kalamazoo, MI to teach Craig, a former student of mine, and some of his kids. While training the crew at a local gym, I got to witness Craig’s baby learning how to crawl. As a parkour athlete and coach, I was fascinated by watching a baby learn to propel itself quadrupedally across the floor. Luckily, Craig’s wife had a camera on hand to capture this movement skill milestone.

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