Parkour strength training for beginners

If parkour reinvents the world into a canvas for artistic & athletic expression, parkour strength training also reimagines walls, rails, trees, & more into useful training tools. Common obstacles at parks, schools, and plazas empower you to reclaim and upgrade your physical performance, anytime & anywhere. Fine-tuning your basic strength movements like squat/pull/push, as well as … Read more

Top 10 bodyweight exercises for intermediate parkour athletes

In parkour, athletes learn to turn the world into a playground. But they should also learn to use common objects like trees, rails, benches, and walls as exercise equipment. Even though I recommend some basic weightlifting for intermediate and advanced athletes, you can still get a great workout by doing only bodyweight exercises. In this article, … Read more

Too old, too fat, too weak for parkour? Start with these 5 basic movements

“When did you start parkour?”

“When did you stop?”


Everyone did at least a bit of parkour as a kid. At one point in your life, you climbed a tree, a rock, a rooftop. You jumped and tumbled off furniture because it was fun. Remember “floor-is-lava?” You still play? I still play floor-is-lava almost every day. If you like(d) that game, you might enjoy parkour too.

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