Bob Reese, pro parkour athlete 🇺🇸 USA

“Approaching parkour with the mindset of learning to fall before you learn to fly is the most important distinction in what changed me from being an okay athlete to becoming a professional. Ukemi completely changed the way I looked at training and because of this mindset I am able to reach my full potential as … Read more

Max Henry, pro athlete & author of The Parkour Roadmap 🇺🇸 USA

“I’ve always thought of falling as a big part of training, but Amos has really taken it to the next level. ‘Art’ of Falling is definitely an appropriate title because Amos has put more thought and time into this subject than anyone else in parkour – he’s genuinely made it his art. Would 100% recommend … Read more

Sébastien Foucan, co-founder of parkour 🇫🇷 France

“I’ve been absolutely amazed by the concept Amos Rendao came up with inspired by Aikido. It is the first time I’ve met someone with a truly pioneering and revolutionary idea. I think this will have a huge impact in the way of coaching, in performance, and certainly in my own practice! Amos is making history right … Read more