Climb-Up Blueprint

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As one of parkour’s most unique and utilitarian movements, the climb-up is a must-have skill for anyone interested in functional, obstacle-based training. Extremely relevant to real-world situations, it is a wicked demonstration of both power and agility. Need to quickly ascend a tall wall or fence? You could awkwardly struggle your way up, or you could whip out a perfectly executed climb-up. If time was of the essence and somebody’s survival was at stake, which would you prefer? With proper training and attention to detail, the climb-up is your key to the urban jungle. Owning this technique is the difference between people who need to be saved by Spiderman and people who are capable of saving themselves (and others). Which would you prefer?

Your coach: Ryan Ford

  • Founded Apex School of Movement & ParkourEDU
  • Wrote the book Parkour Strength Training
  • Practicing parkour since 2004, coaching since 2006
  • Pro parkour athlete from 2005-2013
  • Featured by the New Yorker, Time Magazine, TEDx, & ESPN’s E:60
  • Performed parkour for the U.S. Embassy, K-Swiss, BET, Steve Madden, & Cisco
  • Has wack obsession with climb-ups

What is included in the Climb-Up Blueprint?

  • Access to a world-renowned training method for one of parkour’s unique and iconic strength skills, developed by Ryan Ford and many others since 2006
  • 35+ new HD video lessons in several formats such as interactive tutorials, explainers, and quick tip references
  • 10+ key climb-up pre-requisites & progression video tutorials from PK100S
  • Case studies and film analysis featuring some of Ryan’s students, in order to delve further into his strategies for developing a better climb-up over weeks, months, and even years
  • PDFs & other file downloads to aid in your training such as:
    • Strength/skill progression charts and programming ideas
    • An excerpt on climb-ups from Ryan’s book Parkour Strength Training
  • Quizzes to assess your understanding of key concepts
  • Lifetime updates to the ever-evolving Climb-Up Blueprint curriculum & knowledge base
  • Direct access to Ryan and other ParkourEDU coaches via a private Facebook group
  • 30-day money back guarantee (full refund policy)

Learn how to:

  • Climb up and over real-world obstacles like walls & fences
  • Ascend or descend urban structures in real-world emergency situations
  • Track and incentivize progress with both objective and subjective assessments
  • Progress rapidly by manipulating momentum and gravity with the running/jumping climb-up progression
  • Build upper body strength and climbing skill from the ground up (ground kongs to climb-ups)
  • See into the eyes of an expert coach via slow-motion film analysis and case study write-ups
  • Understand the complex biomechanics of a movement that takes regular muscle-ups to the next level

Who is it for?

  • Muscle-up enthusiasts who want to expand and level up their skills beyond the rings and bars
  • People who are sick of boring, ineffective workouts
  • Parkour athletes and coaches of all ages & ability levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced training methods are all covered in-depth)
  • Fitness enthusiasts & professionals who want to incorporate useful parkour skills into training programs
  • Athletes from other sports who want to cross-train in parkour in order to become a more well-rounded, robust, and skillful mover

What do I need?

  • The drive to improve your strength while simultaneously learning useful new skills
  • A mobile device or computer with Internet access
  • Common obstacles like grassy fields, low walls, & high walls
  • A body without any major injuries, dysfunctions, or other medical problems. Please check with your doctor before beginning this course.