Trapezoidal Vault Box Construction Manual




This manual provides all the key info you need to build a sturdy vault box of any size.

To help simplify the instructions, this manual refers to and makes calculations for a 3.5’ / 1.07m high vault box. We chose this height because we’ve found it to be one of the most versatile and useful box heights for parkour training.

NOTE: Higher level and/or taller practitioners may prefer a taller wall. Likewise, shorter and/or less experienced practitioners may benefit from a shorter wall. You can cater to your student base (kids vs. adults, beginners vs. intermediates, etc.) but ideally, you should have many walls of varying heights.

“I built two vault boxes after getting these manuals and can highly recommend them. I feel it saved me plenty of time and trial and error that I would have had to contend with even though basic plans are available for free. Worth the investment.”
— Kai Ewert

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Length: 40 pages