Open Box Construction Manual




This manual has everything you need to build a sturdy “open box” shaped obstacle of any size. If you’re already familiar and comfortable with carpentry, this guide probably has way more detail than you need!

To help simplify the instructions, this manual refers to and makes calculations for a 3’ x 4’ x 5’ obstacle (.91m x 1.22m x 1.52m). This obstacle can be flipped/arranged/used in a few different orientations, but we refer to the obstacle in its lowest orientation (3’ x 4’ x 5’ / .91m x 1.22m x 1.52m).

We’ve found this shape to be one of the most versatile modular obstacles for parkour training. It’s a great tool for learning the kong vault (cat pass) because it allows students to confidently practice monkey plants (kong-up / monkey-up) for distance. The open faces create technical precision challenges as well as a narrow space for QM and precision rolling. The box also makes a great platform in its default orientation. When oriented on its side, the box presents even more vault, precision, cat, and flipping possibilities but is less stable along its thinnest axis.

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Length: 38 pages