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Addressing the Peel-Out: One of Parkour’s Most Heinous Falling Scenarios

The peel-out is one of the gnarliest falls in parkour because it often leaves a practitioner falling towards their head, neck, and spine with difficulty spotting the ground. Peel outs are especially dangerous because most swings take place on bars or branches at least 2 m (6 feet) above ground level.

For all practitioners, these three videos are must know information if you don’t want to learn this the hard way.

For coaches and gym managers, the information in these three videos is crucial for your understanding in preventing injuries, designing good curriculum, designing safe training facilities, and so on.

Part 1 – Awareness of common causes
Part 2 – Preempting
Part 3 – Parkour Ukemi

Part 1 – Awareness of common causes
In part 1, we focus on bringing awareness to common causes of peel-outs. These include the width of overhang ledges, entry trajectory in a dive catch, rotating bars, differences in circumferences of bars and branches, etc.

Part 2 – Preempting
In part 2, we look at some techniques and drills to help you jump the gun before a peel-out happens. This part involves paying close attention to what your grip is feeling like during the swing. When you start to suspect a loss of grip, these techniques will help you get out of there before it’s too late.

Part 3 – Parkour Ukemi
In part 3, we’ll examine some techniques and drills to fill in your last line of defense for those inevitable falls. You will need to be comfortable applying forward, side, and back rolls 360 degrees. We’ll also look at some more advanced techniques that will be important as you increase the height of your swing.

We hope this information benefits your training. If you know of others who will benefit as well, please spread the word so we can continue to have a community that puts sustainability first.


Amos Rendao



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