Want to join the fast growing & rewarding movement arts industry? We’re expanding our strong brand and business concept throughout the US. We’d love to talk to talented, movement professionals with good leadership skills! Currently, we are licensing (not franchising) the APEX Movement brand to people who will create successful, safe, and reputable movement gyms. For more info on licensing opportunities with APEX Movement, please fill out this form.

Why Partner with Us?

The origins of APEX Movement began in Boulder, CO in September 2006 when Ryan Ford established the first formal Parkour training program in the Western Hemisphere. In March 2009, APEX Movement opened it’s first gym in downtown Denver followed by more locations across the country.

Our coaches are continually at the forefront of developing the best, innovative training methods in Parkour including Amos Rendao’s Ukemi for Parkour (the art of falling) and Parkour Randori, Dr. Ken Kao’s application of chiropractic to Parkour, and Ryan Ford’s renowned parkour strength training and tutorial videos. Additionally, our coaches have trained elite athletes who have been featured in TV shows and movies, performed around the world, appeared on TV shows such as Ninja Warrior, and won international Parkour competitions. Some of these athletes include Erica Madrid, Dylan Baker, Brandon Douglass, Jake Smith, Brian Arnold, and Paul Kasemir.

Since APEX Movement started in 2006, we have made a massive effort to consistently innovate and build a better business. These efforts have resulted in countless systems, manuals, and other customized materials which make our movement gym highly successful. If you decide to license with APEX Movement, you will have access to many valuable resources including:

  • Brand Power
  • Full-Fledged Business Plan
  • Operations Manuals (Start-Up Guide & Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Apprenticeship (Staff Training Programs)
  • Curriculum (Youth, Teen, & Adult)
  • Band System (Achievement/Safety Systems for Students)
  • Gym Management Software & Systems
  • Marketing Materials (Graphics, flyers, ads, website, etc.)
  • Consulting

How Do I Learn More?

For more info on licensing opportunities with APEX Movement, please fill out this form.