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Parkour for military, law enforcement, & firefighters

Our custom Parkour training for military personnel, law enforcement officers, and firefighters focuses on the useful applications of parkour and overcoming obstacles in real life scenarios.

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We have worked with the following organizations (for the privacy of some of our clients, we have left out specific details):

  • Colorado Springs PD (2009-current)
  • USA Military (March 2011)
  • USA Military (May 2010)
  • USA Military (September 2009)


“I found the course great in the aspects of navigating urban terrains; the climbing and jumping movements were excellent.”
— Anonymous, U.S. Navy

“Parkour has given me strength, agility, and flexibility that I have not found in any other exercise system. In a job that often consists of periods of relatively low activity interspersed with intensely physically demanding moments such as pursuits, fights, and other emergencies, having specifically trained your body to perform efficiently in those moments makes a HUGE difference. My training with APEX Movement has given me confidence in my abilities to negotiate obstacles without hesitation or fear of failure. The skills and abilities I have gained through my Parkour training have translated into greater speed and agility during foot pursuits (even while wearing a vest, boots, and a duty belt), more efficient navigation of fences, roofs, ladders, balconies, and windows, and an overall fitness that allows for injury-free performance of the day-to-day activities that the job demands. EVERY cop should add Parkour to their training!”
— R. C., Colorado Springs Police Dept.

“The training was very informative and taught very well. We will definitely stay in contact and look forward to continuing a great working relationship in the future.”
— Anonymous, U.S. Navy


“I had responded to a local high school where several recent graduates were using drugs and alcohol and destroying property. As I arrived, I saw 5 teen boys run across a courtyard and begin climbing an extension ladder onto the roof. To get to the ladder from where I was, I would have had to run approximately 80 yards, ascend 2 flights of stairs, and run another 20 yards across the courtyard. Instead, I used a wall-run, 2 climb ups, and a speed vault to get directly to the roof. I reached the east end of the roof and got to the other side, where the ladder was, before all 5 teens had climbed up the ladder. Result: All subjects in custody, 3 charged with felonies, no injuries, and all of them surprised that a cop 15 years older than them used Parkour!”
— R. C., Colorado Springs Police Dept.

“Several officers and I had responded to a cemetery where an armed suicidal subject was hiding. The subject told his ex-girlfriend via text message that he was going to kill himself because she had left him and she called 911 around 10pm. The subject was a sniper in the Army, was recently back from deployment to Afghanistan, was suffering from PTSD, was armed with a glock .45 caliber pistol, and was behind cover somewhere in an expansive cemetery. Over the course of an hour, officers established phone contact with him and convinced him to come out of hiding and surrender his weapon. He emerged from the darkness and set his pistol on the ground but refused to comply with any other commands from officers. As officers moved to take him into custody, he began to fight and a Taser was deployed. During the struggle with officers, the Taser lead broke, rendering it ineffective, and the subject was able to break free and run back toward the cemetery. I vaulted two gates (approximately 4 feet high), brought the subject to the ground, and the subject was taken into custody. Result: 1 in custody. No injuries to officers. Although I don’t remember vaulting the fences, I was told by another officer later, ‘Dude, that was the coolest shit I have ever seen. You went over those fences like they weren’t even there.’”
— R. C., Colorado Springs Police Dept.