APEX Movement is a group of professional parkour coaches, athletes, and performers. We currently have multiple gym locations in Colorado, California, and Connecticut.

History of APEX Movement

The origins of APEX Movement began in Boulder, CO in September 2006 when Ryan Ford established the first formal Parkour training program in the Western Hemisphere. In March 2009, APEX Movement opened it’s first gym in downtown Denver followed by more locations across the country.

Our Coaches and Athletes

Our coaches are continually at the forefront of developing the best, innovative training methods in Parkour including Amos Rendao’s Ukemi for Parkour (the art of falling) and Parkour Randori, Dr. Ken Kao’s application of chiropractic to Parkour, and Ryan Ford’s renowned parkour strength training and tutorial videos. Additionally, our coaches have trained elite athletes who have been featured in TV shows and movies, performed around the world, appeared on TV shows such as Ninja Warrior, and won international Parkour competitions. Some of these athletes include Erica Madrid, Dylan Baker, Brandon Douglass, Jake Smith, Brian Arnold, and Paul Kasemir.

Our Main Areas of Expertise

Parkour gym locations
Professional parkour performers
Parkour coaching certification

Why Parkour?

Recently, words such as “gym”, “exercise”, and “fitness” have taken on negative meanings. Exercise should not mean suffering through 30 minutes on a stationary bike, only made bearable by the TV on the wall and the headphones over your ears. A gym should not be a dreadful place, easily erased from your schedule by the slightest excuse. And fitness is not only for the bodybuilding magazine model or the elite athlete. Instead, we aim to inspire fitness at its purest roots, movement.

Think back to when you were a kid, jumping off benches and climbing trees for fun. Fitness used to be something we achieved without consciously trying. Fitness is for everyone, no matter what your goals are. Movement is the foundation of any physically fit lifestyle.

Through innovative movement training, we help people achieve a broad, all-around fitness. We coach people to excel in their chosen athletics, we inspire people to become more physically active through play, and we help people attain their fitness goals through natural exercise. There is something for everyone along at least one of these three paths to fitness; Athletics, Play, and EXercise. With these three paths, we are APEX Movement; useful fitness through natural movement.