Falling in 360 degrees

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    Having already mastered forward, side, and back rolls, you’re now ready to explore the art of rolling out of falls in any direction. This 360-degree falling capability equips you with a high-quality response for feet-first falls, enhancing your control and safety in challenging situations.


    • Comprehensive falling solution: falling in 360 degrees provides you with a versatile and effective means to handle various feet-first falls.
    • Enhanced safety: mastering this skill helps reduce the risk of injury by allowing you to distribute the impact of a fall evenly.
    • Sports and real-world application: these skills are valuable in sports involving dynamic landings, falls, and scrambles, as well as real-world scenarios like navigating slippery surfaces or stumbling over obstacles.


    1. Master the “big 6” rolls: ensure you have a strong foundation in the “big 6” rolls, including forward right, forward left, side right, side left, back right, and back left rolls.
    2. Understand the concept: familiarize yourself with the concept of falling in 360 degrees, recognizing that it involves rolling in any direction to dissipate impact.
    3. Use reactive rolling drills: utilize reactive rolling drills to refine your ability to execute 360-degree rolls without conscious thought.
    4. Identify skill gaps: during drills, pay attention to any weaknesses or gaps in your “big 6” rolling skills that may become apparent.
    5. Isolate and improve: isolate any identified weaknesses, practice them thoroughly, and then reintegrate them into reactive rolling drills to assess your progress.

    Common problems & solutions

    ✗ problem: attempting 360-degree falling without mastering the “big 6” rolls.
    ✓ solution: ensure you are proficient in the foundational rolls to build a solid base for 360-degree falling.

    ✗ problem: struggling to execute 360-degree falls smoothly and automatically.
    ✓ solution: use reactive rolling drills to sharpen your ability to execute these falls thoughtlessly and with precision.

    ✗ problem: identifying gaps in your “big 6” rolling skills during reactive rolling drills.
    ✓ solution: isolate and work on these gaps, dedicating time to improve your weaker areas.

    ✗ problem: failing to reintegrate improved skills into reactive rolling.
    ✓ solution: continuously assess your progress by incorporating improved skills back into reactive rolling drills to ensure retention.

    Examples & variations

    Reactive rolling

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