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Top 5 Moments from The ParkourEDU Podcast S1

The first season of The ParkourEDU Podcast was graced with an all-star cast of some of the biggest and most influential names in our game. Below are my 5 of my favorite moments from our inaugural season [Episodes 1-6].

5. Ryan Ford & Amos Rendao deliver mission statements

Our first episode was all about letting people know what ParkourEDU is. I would be remiss if I didn’t include this moment as it encapsulates everything we hope to accomplish as an organization. View the excerpt below or enjoy the full episode here.

4. Jason Paul’s nudity has a deeper meaning

On top of a tons of great career advice for aspiring athletes, Jason Paul had a refreshing take on why it’s important for him to showcase a lifestyle and not just jumps and movements. I don’t doubt that Jason’s eye for inspiring others is instrumental in maintaining his successful freerunning career. View the excerpt below or enjoy the full episode here.

3. Tim Shieff opens up about following his passions

Tim is a such a huge icon in our sport that many people were curious, even frustrated with his alleged absence from the community. It was truly a pleasure to hear a forthcoming first person account of why Tim took a break from what what he helped to build, and indeed inspiring to the many practitioners out there struggling with their own motivations. View the excerpt below or enjoy the full episode here

2. Lynn Jung shares an important message about gender issues in sport

Lynn’s holds the unique position of being a world-renowned freerunner who also studies gender in action sports. From this vantage point, she provided us with some very special insights on some of the gender issues parkour and other subcultures are facing, as well as what we can do to create the culture we want. View the excerpt below or enjoy the full episode here.

1. Jason Paul predicts a bright future for parkour

Parkour communities are budding all over the world, so it can be very hard to make a statement that accurately describes what being a part of any one of them is like. Jason not only drew a nice through line for us, but illustrated how the tenacity and open-mindedness initially required to practice parkour might be our biggest ally in continuing to grow our worldwide community. View the excerpt below or enjoy the full episode here.

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