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The ParkourEDU Podcast, Ep. 8 — Julie Angel


  • [0:00] — Episode intro by Brandon
  • [1:02] — Episode begins / How Julie began studying parkour
  • [7:39] — “Breaking the Jump” and the history of parkour
    • [10:01] — On parkour’s unique story
    • [23:57] — Parkour’s transformation from private to public
    • [30:06] — On sharing parkour with future generations
  • [33:42] — See & Do / Women in parkour
  • [45:27] — Fan Questions
    • [45:36] — “What advice would you have to people pursuing academic careers related to parkour?”
    • [47:14] — “What’s one important thing that you want the modern parkour community to learn from the founders?”
    • [47:55] — “What’s one thing that the modern parkour community does well that you think would have been beneficial for the founders early on in their practice.
      • [48:23] — On communication in the parkour community
    • [51:27] — “Where’s the secret spot in ‘Parkour Documentary?’”
  • [53:58] — Outro


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  • Awesome podcast. As a female traceuse in my 30s, it was probably the one I will always remember the most. I love simply Julie explained the concept behind the See & Do initiative – it is so true that we are more inclined to try things if others can show us its possible. She’s an inspiration through her work and has got me thinking how I can develop my next parkour initiative back here in South Africa. Thanks for the podcast guys. Great interview!

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