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About APEX Movement Boulder:

APEX Movement was founded in 2006 in Boulder, CO. From our humble beginnings at The Spot and Boulder CrossFit to our current facility on Arapahoe Ave., we have grown steadily over the years with passion and integrity. APEX Movement Boulder has educated and entertained hundreds of thousands of people through classes, performances, online videos, and more.

If you ask us when we started Parkour, we might respond with, “When did you stop?” Parkour was in every single one of us as a kid; jumping off swings, climbing trees, and hopping over cracks in the sidewalk. We encourage people to rediscover the creative, natural movement that we all loved when we were little kids. Training with us is fun and feels more like playing than exercising. We teach people to move their bodies in challenging new ways, while simultaneously improving the strength and mobility they need to live a long, healthy life.

Our goal is to create an environment in which people from movement arts such as Parkour, freerunning, gymnastics, breakdancing, tricking, martial arts, aerial dance, and rock climbing can come together to learn, train, and collaborate. Our classes and open gyms are filled with like-minded people who genuinely want to see each other succeed. No matter how great you are at training alone, you will be further pushed and fueled by the camaraderie of our great community.

Our Plan:

We have been searching for a new location and planning our move for 2 years. With sufficient savings already in the bank, a signed lease, and a proven business model nearly 8 years in the running, this new gym is sure to succeed. We have enough money to run a successful gym with the current equipment, instructors, and classes we have. However, we have high expectations for the new space and we want to provide our members with the best possible equipment to learn, play, and grow on. The new location is 3 times the size of our current gym which means we are facing a monumental and expensive project.

Why You Should Donate:

APEX Movement is a world leader in the development of safe parkour instruction. We have spent almost 8 years refining our curriculum and teaching methods for Parkour. To date, the growth of APEX Movement has relied solely on bootstrapping, without any debt or outside investment. Simply put, APEX Movement has always been a labor of love and passion. It has been founded, built, and sustained by freerunners, for freerunners. With your help, we will open up a world class facility to continue to be at the international forefront of Parkour and Freerunning.

Additionally, by contributing you will earn some awesome perks for contributing to our cause. See the sidebar on the right of this page for details.

What We Will Use the Money For:

– Contractors for an extensive buildout (carpentry, plumbing, electric, etc.)
– Foam pit
– AirTrick (special flooring for acrobatics)
– Dance studios
– APEX Movement Headquarters
– And many more epic surprises!

Other Ways to Help:

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Thank you for your support! We are grateful for everyone who has supported us over the years. We love our jobs but we wouldn’t be able to do it without all our fantastic members, parents, and staff. It is an honor teaching and moving with every one of you. Prepare yourself for the best Parkour gym ever!

Your friends in movement,

Ryan Ford, Amos Rendao, & Justin Sikkema

About Ryan Ford (6 Posts)

Ryan graduated in 2009 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ryan is known internationally as a top parkour athlete and coach, having performed around the world for organizations such as the U.S. Embassy, Hewlett-Packard, and K-Swiss. Also, Ryan has been featured by media giants including the New Yorker and ESPN. In addition to founding APEX Movement, Ryan also has a parkour channel on YouTube with over 5 million views. Although Ryan’s specialty is parkour, he has continued his movement education through certifications such as CrossFit, pole fitness, and barefoot running. One of’s 50 hottest trainers in 2013, Ryan is an alumni of YouTube's prestigious Next Trainer program and a FitFluential ambassador.