Enriching the Parkour Community and Providing Opportunity

Over the past seven years, we have worked hard to build up a huge Parkour community along Colorado’s Front Range. With three Parkour gyms and several other programs coming soon, we have a massive amount of athletes and artists who regularly train outdoors and at our gyms. Here at APEX Movement HQ in Boulder, Colorado, we are stoked to announce a new program that will see us collaborating with some of the top athletes and coaches from around the world.

Starting next month, we will be regularly hosting workshops with some of the best Parkour coaches and athletes in the world. Our two main goals are:

1. Enrich the training of our local communities in Denver, Boulder, Loveland, and beyond.
2. Provide more opportunities and income for non-local athletes and coaches to make a career out of Parkour.

Up until now, it has been difficult for Parkour athletes and coaches to have coaching opportunities outside of their hometowns. There haven’t been enough successful gyms with large student bases to support the high costs of bringing in others to lead special seminars. Perhaps the biggest contributors to my own personal growth as a Parkour athlete were the opportunities I had to travel and train with different Parkour athletes in many countries. By bringing in some of the leading figures in Parkour to teach at our gyms, we are making these similar opportunities more accessible to all.

In November and December, we will be hosting workshops with Rafe Kelley, Daniel Arroyo, and Ben Jenkin. If you are interested in attending these workshops, keep an eye out for more info at your local gym and website. If you are a top Parkour athlete or coach and you are interested in opportunities with APEX Movement, please send an email to ryan@apexmovement.com.

About Ryan Ford (6 Posts)

Ryan graduated in 2009 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ryan is known internationally as a top parkour athlete and coach, having performed around the world for organizations such as the U.S. Embassy, Hewlett-Packard, and K-Swiss. Also, Ryan has been featured by media giants including the New Yorker and ESPN. In addition to founding APEX Movement, Ryan also has a parkour channel on YouTube with over 5 million views. Although Ryan’s specialty is parkour, he has continued his movement education through certifications such as CrossFit, pole fitness, and barefoot running. One of Shape.com’s 50 hottest trainers in 2013, Ryan is an alumni of YouTube's prestigious Next Trainer program and a FitFluential ambassador.