Additional Info & Clarifications on Our Involvement with FIG / The Mouvement

Unfamiliar with what’s happened up until now? Read our original stance: On Competition & Collaboration Read our recent announcement: APEX Ends Collaboration with FIG and Cancels APEX INTL in France As is natural, there’s misinformation, misunderstanding, even some baseless attacks regarding the cancellation of our event and the experience we had with The Mouvement and […]

APEX Ends Collaboration with FIG & Cancels APEX INTL in France

Preface: Unfamiliar with our stance on competition and why we considered this opportunity in the first place? Read part 1 of this saga: On Competition & Collaboration What’s going on with parkour, gymnastics, APEX School of Movement (APEX), The Mouvement, Le Festival International des Sports Extrêmes (FISE), Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), etc?! Whether you […]

On Competition & Collaboration

Yauoh! Parkour peepol! We are stoked for huge opportunities coming up, but we don’t want to go anywhere without your support. For this reason, we want to open up a discussion on particular matters relating to our event “The APEX International” (APEX INTL) and relationships with potential partner organizations like Le Festival International des Sports […]

Introducing ParkourEDU

An idea that Amos Rendao and I originally conceptualized in 2013, ParkourEDU (Parkour-EEE-DEE-YOU) grew from a small side project to a massive ambition when, this spring, we won a $100,000 digital marketing grant from Pyxl to help develop a custom online platform. With those kind of resources at stake, it has become a truly daunting […]

Is Parkour a Fad? These 8 Graphs Say A Lot

FOREWORD: With parkour entering a high growth phase with many new gyms, clothing lines, performance teams, and more, it is obvious to most practitioners that parkour is more than just a fad. But how can we truly prove this? As an ambassador for the growth of parkour, a passionate practitioner, and a parkour business owner, […]