Additional Info & Clarifications on Our Involvement with FIG / The Mouvement

Unfamiliar with what’s happened up until now?
Read our original stance: On Competition & Collaboration
Read our recent announcement: APEX Ends Collaboration with FIG and Cancels APEX INTL in France

As is natural, there’s misinformation, misunderstanding, even some baseless attacks regarding the cancellation of our event and the experience we had with The Mouvement and FIG. Although misinformed haters come with the territory, we find value in addressing these issues so that those interested in understanding the facts have something to reference. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Partnering with FIG & The Mouvement

We announced our partnerships for this event as soon as possible in a public statement:

We are stoked for huge opportunities coming up, but we don’t want to go anywhere without your support. For this reason, we want to open up a discussion on particular matters relating to our event “The APEX International” (APEX INTL) and relationships with potential partner organizations like Le Festival International des Sports Extrêmes (FISE), Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), and The Mouvement.

We could not announce earlier due to details still in development and out of respect for requests made by our partners in finalizing with key meetings. Before any athletes confirmed with us for the event, we informed all athletes of our vision for a solution to competition and the event partners. We could not yet announce more information in regards to the Olympic pathway for similar reasons as above. Whether or not you agree with our statement, we outlined how we best saw a solution to the problem of competition and why these organizations did not pose a risk to that vision. At the time, we would have also considered this opportunity if another established international federation was to support and respect our terms.

Community involvement

We were tasked with inviting major organizations and key community members to sit on committees that were to help guide the development of this competition format. We were set to be inclusive to all major organizations that could apply their expertise to obstacle course competition. We had begun the process of reaching out when the changing reality of the situation caused us to direct all our resources towards more research, key meetings, and facing heavy decisions.

APEX has a track record that speaks for itself

We’ve been sticking by our values and doing positive things in the parkour community for over 11 years in business. Please consider who we are in the community in light of negative views based on suspicions and assumptions.

Obstacle Course Sprint (OCS)

We came up with this title for the reason that Time Trials was too vague for the world stage. One would end up asking, “Time Trials for what?”

Even though we recently changed the name of our event Time Trials to OCS to be more specific for the world stage, our position for a competition solution was established before being approached with this opportunity. If we didn’t have this stance of a proposed solution for competition, we would have never considered this opportunity in the first place.

Reasons for canceling the event & discontinuing the relationship with FIG

In our recent announcement, we explicitly outlined the major changing terms and surfacing information that took place within the last week before we decided to discontinue our relationship with FIG. The decision was our own and outside pressures did not play a role. It was the people we thanked in our cancellation announcement who were helpful in our process of gathering additional information and perspective.

Olympic pros & cons

We were not fully aware of the many drawbacks Olympic involvement would have, and through this experience, we’ve learned of many more facts that call into question whether or not the Olympic pathway should be pursued at all.

Lessons taken

We weren’t cautious enough. Due to a strict deadline for this event, we put ourselves in a position of attempting to cram a 6-month event prep into 6 weeks. We did our research but initially nothing came up that called into question our vision for this opportunity. Even though we had an MOU to get the ball rolling and were steadfast in our requests of a final contract, we were too patient in the face of ongoing delays. The scale of this opportunity was new territory for us and not without its risks, which we did our best to assess and consider from all angles. Despite our best efforts, we ended up with lemons on this one.

We apologize to anyone who experienced negativity due to anything we’re responsible for surrounding this event. We hope you can show us patience as we learn these important life lessons.

Please be informed and help inform others

The spreading of opinions without accurate information to back them can be extremely harmful to good people doing their best.

Thanks to all the beautiful people in this community contributing constructive conversation and helpful action.


Ryan Ford, Brandon Douglass, Amos Rendao

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